No Depression & Metroland review the “Thump”

“The Universal Thump may be one of the most intriguing albums released all year, and at any rate, one that ought to be explored.” – Read full review by Lee Zimmerman here.

“(T)his beautifully sprawling double disc calls on more than five dozen musicians to carry out the gorgeous orchestral sweep of the 18 songs. Piano based, the settings embrace everything from chamber-like portraiture to cabaret, from the gusto of a small-town parade to the undulating seas of a modernist philharmonic. There are passages that vividly set scenes for a film that builds itself in your mind”. – Read full review by David Greenberger (The Duplex Planet, NPR, Metroland) here.

NPR ‘Song of the Day’, The New Yorker, Time Out New York, Sydney Morning Herald, Elmore Magazine, Baby Sue and others write about the “Thump” here.